Preparing for the first mini-tour

We’re off to Tasmania next week to test out a few things; how far can we ride each day with lots of gear? Can we still cope with camping? That is – without carloads of stuff and lots of our friends who also have car loads of stuff. Its certainly been a while since we’ve camped, but I’m really looking forward to it.  Figuring out what to bring has been an interesting challenge. More about that in our gear list post.

We were originally inspired to head to Tassie after reading the Travelling Two’s great travelogue on their recent bicycle tour there. It even made it to their top 10 bicycle touring destinations in the world. Since its only a short boat ride away, we figure its a good place to start. 

We know it seems a little ludicrous to go on a holiday to test out and prepare for the next holiday, but I guess it would also be a bit silly to launch off on a European Cycling adventure without really knowing what we’re up against.

Time will tell. So too will the Tasmanian weather. Last week they experienced massive amounts of rain and many of the roads up north east have apparently washed away.

The only definite destination is Cradle Mountain. Here’s a rough plan of where we might end up. You’ll notice the important things are marked on the map… Boag’s Brewery for Drew, Jansz Winery for me, and a visit to a chocolate factory to power the bikes.

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2 Responses to Preparing for the first mini-tour

  1. Friedel says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the link and glad you like the site 🙂 It’s not silly at all to go on a test run. You will learn a lot that will help you with your European adventure. When you make it to Europe, come visit us in The Hague if you’re passing through Holland. We love to host cyclists. Also, if I can ask a favour, if you have any updates for the Cycling Tasmania section of our blog I’d love to hear them (tips or changes to costs, nice routes you discover..). It’s hard to keep the info up to date, and yet one of our most popular pages so anything you can add would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great trip!

    • Thanks Friedel,
      That’s a really kind offer – we’ll get in touch if we are heading to The Hague (and now we have a good reason to!) We absolutely love your website, everything we’ve wanted to know about bicycle touring we have found the answer to there! We’ll definitely update your Tasmania pages with anything new we come across.
      – Ro

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