Four bags each

I’ve been marveling at the gear lists of bicycle tourists who go on round-the-world expeditions with only 4 panniers and a stack on the back. I read of one cyclist who has reached minimalist packing nirvana by hacking off the handle from his spanner to save weight. Sadly we don’t have big enough bolt cutters for that, though I did see some interesting titanium multitools online… can’t seem to find them anywhere locally though.

Whilst acquiring gear for our first trip we took weight into consideration, but didn’t obsess over it too much…  Then when I piled it all together on the bike for the first time, I really started to look at that second pair of shoes differently.


  • Tent: Marmott 3p Limelight and groundsheet (3.4kg)
  • Insulated air mattresses: Big Agnes – recycled plastic
  • Double Sleeping Bag: Big Agnes cabin creek synthetic 
    (the air matresses slide into the base of the sleeping bag stopping us from rolling off in the night which sounds sensible)
  • No pillow…we’re going to test out the bundle of clothing theory
  • space blanket (for extra cold tassie nights)



  • tiny containers of soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser etc
  • contact lenses and solutions (gotta see the potholes)
  • travel size dry shampoo
  • toothbrushes, tooth paste
  • hairbrush
  • face washer
  • deodorant
  • bandaids, detol spray …just in case
  • pain killers, sea-sickness tablets etc
  • toilet paper
  • 2 mini microfibre towels
  • hand sanitiser, travel wipes
  • clothes wash soap flakes
  • sunscreen


  • adjustable spanner
  • pedal spanner
  • spare spokes (one each of the 5 sizes required)
  • casette removal tool
  • multi-tool
  • tiny philips-head screwdriver (for brakes)
  • sharppick (for removing glass, rocks from tyres)
  • tyre levers
  • 2 tubes
  • puncture repair kit
  • topeak road-morph pump
  • chainlube and rag
  • swiss army knife
  • elastic clothes line
  • some bull-dog clips, for pegging wet clothes to our panniers
  • cable ties
  • gaffa tape

Wardrobe – Hers

  • waterproof socks
  • waterproof overpants
  • waterproof rainjacket (it is Tasmania…)
  • cycling jersey
  • armies
  • 3/4 length knicks
  • long socks
  • short socks
  • merino base layer
  • trousers
  • woolen dress
  • leggings
  • long sleeved top
  • Wool zip-top hoodie
  • 3 pairs underwear
  • Beanie & neck tube/buff
  • short gloves
  • long gloves
  • cycling shoes
  • hiking shoes
  • sunglasses

Wardrobe – His

about the same… but he’ll probably pack the night before and be quite happy with his selection…

That sounds like a lot, but I can’t work out what to leave behind. I’m hoping we’ll eat our way through at least an entire bag.

Maybe this trip will teach us as much about what-not-to-bring as it will about what is actually worth lugging up hills.

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