About to head off

Packing and cleaning up today getting ready for the boat tonight. Pretty excited over all.

We were lying in bed last night saying to ourselves ‘for the next week we are going to have none of our home comforts’;

  • No kitchen
  • No Bed
  • No Pet
  • No choice of clothes
  • No computer
  • No books or magazines
  • Limited showers and hot water

Why are we doing this again ?  We’re not actually big campers and have never spent more than a couple of nights in a tent.

We had to quickly come up with some reasons why we are doing it which will hopefully outweigh the disadvantages we find as we come across them;

  • Fresh air
  • The joy of cycling amongst nature
  • no work !!
  • visiting new places
  • a boat ride
  • some unusually good weather for this time of the year
  • hiking to the top of Cradle Mountain
  • taking some nice photos
  • sense of adventure
  • getting to pat a tasmanian devil


 When you look at it that way it doesn’t sound so bad. Considering we are both seasoned bike riders that part is going to be the least of our problems. The camping is the only concern but i guess we’ve always got the credit card and could find a hotel or B&B to bunker down for a few days if we can’t figure out how to make a go of it.

Anyway here’s a video of Row riding her fully loaded bike. Taken last week when we took them out for a test ride.

17Kg of luggage and one 9Kg bike.

She did well and the riding isn’t that hard  due to the momentum and good wheels and tyres.  It’s the stopping and starting that are the only problems.

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