One down

And what a great one. I think we exceeded both of our expectations for yesterday. The best that tassie can offer was offered up us yesterday ;

– A great brunch at the chocolate factory near devonport.
– Being out in the middle of the bush only 10 minutes from Devonport.
– Plenty of drivers going out of their way to avoid us
– Friendly farmers giving us a wave as they pass us in the opposite direction
– A tent that went up easily
– A bed that stayed warm and dry
– Some beautify back country roads through scenic fields.
– Some very curious cows and horses.
– Some light showers followed up by gloriously drying sun bursts
– Some fantastic mountain ranges.

The only down side…. 50klm is a long way with all the weight.

Probably going to head up cradle mountain today however I think it’s going to hurt.

We’re staying just at the base of mt Roland about 14klm from where this photo was taken.

You can see our route via the following link (click Metric in the top right hand corner to see all the distances in the universally accepted format) ;

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One Response to One down

  1. Russell & Jill says:

    Well done, good to hear all is going well. Hope Cradle Mtn isn’t too painful. Easter was a good time to find the chocolate factory, but I guess you are working off any extra calorie intake. Stay safe, love Mum and Dad

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