The camping bloggers dilemma

So it’s been 3 days without a decent post.

Unfortunately life on the road camping means alot of your time can be spent either;

– Washing dishes or clothes
– Cooking
– Packing
– Unpacking
– Moving between accommodation
– Trying to find food and supplies
– Trying to keep warm
– planning the next part of the trip

Then when you try and fit in the additional activities you wanted to fit in as part of traveling all this way (outside of the riding itself) it doesn’t leave much time for doing anything else.

Since we got to cradle three days ago we have been extremely lucky to have had a run of unusually perfect weather. Even some of the rangers that have been wandering around have been surprised about how nice it’s been for this time of the year.

Low of 5 at night with a top of 20 during the day, not a breath of wind or clouds and glorious sun shine. In saying that the cloudless nights probably bring the effective temp below zero so once the suns down at about 5.30pm it’s a mad rush to get enough clothes on or find a place with an open fire to bunker down in until bed time.

The fine weather has been adding to the urge to make the most of the beauty of the landscape and get out there amongst it. The place is amazing beyond our expectations and since the whole tourist microcosm here makes everything so easy it’s hard to justify not making the most of it.

Outside of some cold nights in a tent roughing it we ain’t.

Anyway hopefully since this our last day in cradle and we’ll be on a bus for part of it we can post some updates about what we’ve been up to for the last few days.

Now where can I plug in my phone charger…….

P.S The below photo was taken from Marions lookout half way up cradle mountain. This is about an hour and a half walk/scramble from the shuttle bus stop at Dove lake. In the very right of the shot is the part of cradle mountain that I climbed up to get to the summit yesterday.

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