Spring in our step again

The trip from Narawntapu national park to Devonport today was expected to take 4 hours with about 50kms or so of rolling hills back to catch the ferry. This turned out to be a much easier and more pleasant trip than expected thanks to the very kind offer of our nearest neighbors in their camper van who offered to take our luggage as they were heading back on the boat too.

With most of the gear gone it literally felt like a weight had been lifted from us and the bikes and legs felt a bit more energetic. The ride back around the estuary to Port Sorrel was a little frustrating as it took about 30kms to get round to the other side of the inlet to look across about 100 metres of water at where we had just camped.

A worthy fuel stop at the Berry Farm along the road into Port Sorell included berry pancakes and fresh raspberry ice cream. Not much to the town itself so it was definitely worth the extra distance riding into Narwntapu National park for the night.

Another stint on a B road confirmed our theory about the cyclability of the tasmanian roads. Whilst A routes are cyclable due to the paved shoulder (though not particularly pleasant due to noise and truck speed) the B roads are often worse because there’s no shoulder and lots of blind corners with double lines. Thankfully most drivers had the patience to slow down for just a moment until they could pass safely, but on crests we occasionally had to bail out onto the gravel when there was traffic in both directions. C roads are by far the nicest and least trafficked and we were really surprised at the great condition of these back roads.

So we’re safely on the boat homeward bound, having met up with our kind support vehicle to retrieve the luggage. This time our bikes have the company of 2 other bicycles for the journey – let’s hope they all get along in the rough straight while strapped to the gangway.

Drew’s full of anti-nasea tablets this time and hoping for a calm crossing again. So far so good. I’m now going to ponder all the things we brought with us but never used and remember that for next time… Must lighten the load!

You can see our route via the following link (click Metric in the top right hand corner to see all the distances in the universally accepted format);


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2 Responses to Spring in our step again

  1. JohnC says:

    great blog you’ve been keeping. A bit intermittent but understandably so.
    look forward to hearing more from you in person. Next year Europe – or have you repented in light of the experience ?



    • I think we’re re-evaluating our options for europe now… its good to know what we’d like to include and what to rule out (camping for instance)
      As much as we enjoyed most of the camping in Tassie, I think our limited time in Italy will be better spent enjoying the riding and not packing up and drying a tent everyday!
      (ps – sorry automatic posting of comments was turned off, couldn’t change tht from the tiny iphone screen)

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