In the Spin Cycle

Its been a busy week in our cycling household. After booking our flights we got a little shock and realised 4 months till we leave is actually not terribly long considering how much we still have to plan. And we have to keep fit over what looks set to be a very long wet Melbourne Winter. 

So we both tested out a spin class as a way to keep fit during winter in the lead up to the-big-trip in Spring. Although Drew has always ridden for fitness, I’ve always been more interested in other elements of cycling – I enjoy trundling along and enjoying the fresh air and avoiding the traffic jams – not chasing the wheel in front and gasping for air whilst staring at the road. 

But alas, I’ve been convinced of the benefits of being “fitter, happier, more productive”, and I’ll obviously need to be at my absolute fittest to push my gear up the Dolomites. I’m telling myself it will help to enjoy the holiday more.

Despite the sweaty indoor atmostphere (give me a foggy morning anyday)  I found it was a good way to be encouraged (or is that shamed?) into working much harder on the bike. I certainly couldn’t make it to 140rpm – but I gave it a good shot. Maybe next week.

Or perhaps we could try it on the big blue Melbourne bikes next time?

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