Stylish cycling gear

This week winter hit me with a cold (that will teach me to travel by tram!) so I took the time to invest in some stylish new cycling gear to motivate me to get back on the bike.

Friend and fellow blogger Caz spotted an article in Good Weekend about a new cycle-centric range going by the label Wovenspoke. Textile designer Amy Carr-Bottomley has created this very special range of fabrics which contain subtle threads of reflective material. The beautiful silvery-grey scarf is a loop-style which buttons up with press studs (there was also a straight scarf at Craft Victoria where I picked this up).

The fabric hangs really nicely and you can wear it lots of different ways.  The best bit is, it doesn’t look like all the other reflective gear we usually resort to during the dark winter commute. Lots of people have commented on how nice it is as a scarf – I haven’t even worn it cycling yet!

This other little strip of golden yellow elastic is a skirt garter! (A what?) Ever been riding into a headwind in a skirt?  Wear it on your thigh and clip your skirt hem down to stop sudden bursts of indecent exposure in the traffic (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

I bought this clever little device online from Cycle-Style, an Australian website devoted (not surprisingly) to stylish cycling-specific attire. They have some lovely treasure sourced from all over the world, including reflective leg warmers from Britain, and waterproof trench coats from Amsterdam. 

I placed my order online from the comfort of my warm bed on Sunday morning, and was pleasantly surprised when the little brown paper package tied up with string arrived in only 2 days! […So to all the retailers complaining about people shopping online – when you start providing the interesting range and level of information about products that I can get online – I might have a reason to get out of bed to head to the shops on my only day off!]

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