Who loves riding up Terrys Avenue Belgrave?

The hill that finally beat me!  

Terrys Avenue is not really an avenue, its more a cliff face paved with bitchumen.

I had considered myself to be a reasonable hill climber until Saturday. Our social ride became alot less social after we tackled Terrys Avenue for fun! (The Andys idea of fun… not mine)

They tell me Matt Goss trained up there, riding up and down until he spewed (ew)… But we’re not training for the Tour de France so why would we ride up it? We may be going to the Dolomites – but if I see a road with that kind of gradient again I’m turning round and going home.

Gradient reached 22% at some point – that should be illegal!

Heartrate was 175bpm while walking and pushing my bike …  (oh the shame!)

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