Farewell old friend

Gloria the Golden Chariot

Gloria-the-golden-chariot is up for sale.  There are now too many bikes in the stable to hang onto her any longer. Perhaps some goodbye’s are in order.

This was the first “real” bike I purchased (k-mart bikes don’t count). At the time I was looking for a vintage-style upright bike with swept back bars, but there just weren’t any around at the time to buy new, and we didn’t know enough about fixing bikes to buy an ebay fixer-up-er-er.  Now of course they’re everywhere.  I was upgrading from my student bike… a crappy mens mountain bike that was utterly terrible and weighed at least a tonne.

As luck would have it the Trek 7.3 was a much better purchase than an older style vintage number I’d been searching for. Gloria got me hooked on cycling – because she was so very very versatile – the perfect charmeleon. It was fast and light and silent and smooth. I could finally keep up with Andy, and so we all went out riding together much more. And then we went a little further…and then eventually we hauled each other up Mount Hotham. Gloria was given her original name by colleagues at work who gratiously shared an office with a shiny new bike that was too precious to be parked outside. After her Hotham experience she acquired a new name – Dora (the explorer).    

As far as a review for the Trek 7.3 goes – I would recommend this bike to just about anyone – but especially for those who aren’t sure what they want in a bike. Mainly because it is so comfortable to ride and because it does just about anything. The WSD seat was absolutely fantastic. The riding position and geomtetry is perfect for city traffic as your back is straight enough to see up up over traffic (and be seen) and yet you are forward enough to ride with speed and efficency in your pedal stroke. The quick shift gears obviously don’t require any though at all – and best of all its smooth and perfectly silent (when the chain is oiled!)

Now its time for Gloria/Dora to move on to a new home where she will be ridden more often and loved again as though she were a shiny new golden chariot. Thanks for all the kilometres of fun : )

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