Best laid plans……

Bike trails from the cable car

At the top of the world


So the helmets are on the shelf which unfortunately means not much riding has been going on or will go on for possibly the next week.

The plan was to spend two nights in Austria, jump on a train over the border into Italy and then ride up the 1000 meters to the Dolomites area where we are staying in a ski chalet for a week of hill riding in the area famed for it’s grueling Giro D’Italia mountain stages.

What was initially a sore throat on the way into Austria has turned into a nasty tonsillitis for Rowena which resulted in a midnight visit to the doctor for some penicillin and some serious anti-inflamatories. It’s hard to sleep when you cant breath properly.

With Rowena now on the mend the climb up the dolomites was quickly ruled out and an alternative solution discovered. Rather than ride we have decided to hire a station wagon in the closest large town (Bolzano) and we will drive the bikes and the gear up instead.
This also gives us a car for a few days just incase we need to seek further medical attention or want to see some further sights not accessible by bike.

Once we return the car I will then have the opportunity to attempt the climb without luggage should i be feeling well enough to do so.
A hire car means more money but that is why I’m glad were doing this trip now and not as students on a shoestring where getting sick without much money for contingencies could really ruin your holiday.

Even though we were both ill our time in Innsbruck Austria was still enjoyable and having two nights in a good hotel with fan couldn’t have come at a better time.

We had a couple if great dinners in the old medieval lane ways and managed to fit in a cable car ride to one of the nearby peaks which rises to about 2500 meters. The whole valley and nearby peaks all bathed with beautiful sunshine and not much wind.

We managed to see someone get winched off the side of the mountain by the emergency services helicopter which looked very precarious hovering only meters away from the sheer rock faces. This coming only days after seeing two parachuters appear to get tangled and ditch into a swiss lake and need be rescued by boat. Makes we wonder whether perhaps cycling isn’t so dangerous after all.

The mountain we were on in Innsbruck also plays hosts to some amazing downhill mountain bike runs which we could admire from the cable car dangling 200 meters in the air above.
If we had of been feeling better we would have taken our bikes to the top and rode down the gravel road that zigzagged it’s way down the hill.
Instead we settled for a much more reasonable gelato and a three hour afternoon nap.

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One Response to Best laid plans……

  1. John Craick says:

    Hi. Sounds like a great trip & your planning seems to have been good. Pity about the germs ! I hope you both get better fast now you have the right drugs. (?) It’s no fun feeling like s…t when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourselves traveling. Sounds like the car option will be good for a few days.
    How _hilly_ were your bits of Switzerland ? Are you getting email at all ?
    Nice to hear from you. Keep reporting.
    Rgds – J

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