Farewell Dolomiti

Good bye fresh mountain air and snow covered conifers. Today we descend and head south into the tourist trappings of Venezia.

It’s been a truly magical week here at hotel melodia del bosco… A cycling hotel by summer and ski lodge during winter. They are perfectly set up for cycling holidays with delicious healthy meals included, a bike garage and workshop bigger than our house and plenty of maps, guides and advice about the best routes to ride and laundry done nightly! (yay)

Though after a week of eating 5 course dinners we have a few extra kilos to pedal off now so it’s probably time to leave!

We were incredibly lucky to experience just about all weather conditions here – mostly perfect sunny days with only a day of drenching rain. The unseasonal and heavy snow fall has just about melted and everything is still green beneath. The mountains look incredible.

Yesterday we took the ski lift right up to the base of the rock face and stomped around in fresh snow up to our knees. A beautiful lunch can be found up at the Refuge S. Croce which is tucked away at the foot of the mountain. We had no idea what Kaiserschmarren when we ordered it but it turned out to be a cross between pancakes and an omlette.

Drew has now been bullied into drinking espresso on several occasions (and only the third time was by me as I didn’t quite believe it) Including 2 yesterday so I expect he’ll be awake for at least the next month now.

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