Obligatory tourist photo

Wow, Venice is overloaded with tourists for good reason… Molto Bellissima!

Glad we left the bikes behind today – we saw one set of very confused Lycra clad cyclist wondering how on earth to cross the canals.

Too much history to take in here, I find myself wondering how many centuries the footpaths have seen.

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2 Responses to Obligatory tourist photo

  1. Trish says:

    Hi Ro,
    thanks for the postcard , we received today. Sighing here at the desk – looks all too lovely.


    • So very lovely! And much lovelier thanks to the wonders of penicillin. Florence and Venice have been a delightful respite from riding. There’s simply too much amazing art to see in a few days. Off to Uffitzi gallery tomorrow for a few dozen more Titian’s and Veronese’s. Saw the original funerary costumes of the Medici family today – 17th century textiles painstakingly pieced together like a jigsaw of fabric fragments. Amazing!

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