Bikes vs rubbish

When does the street bike officially become rubbish ?

Here in Florence, apparently never. The town has on-street bicycle lockup facilities everywhere.

If i lived in a high density urban museum like Florence I would appreciate having car parks set aside for locking up my bike securely.
In Melbourne its not uncommon in high trafficked areas to have to walk your bike for minutes to a hoop to secure your bike. Given there is usually more bikes than cars this does seem rather odd. The Melbourne city council appears to have a cleanup routine and occasionally places notes on vagrant bikes to indicate they will meet their maker unless they are removed.

Unfortunately it appears people in florence use their abundant parking as an opportunity to dump their old bike in the street when it should either a) rusting in a shed, b) gathering dust in a museum or c) have been ghostied into the local lake by thieving teenagers. Yet they are all locked up in the street taking up valuable space.

The below example was found outside of a restaurant; covered in pigeon shit, with a flat tyre and a terrible Brazilian (paint job that is)

On a similar but different topic we also found the below public bike stands in Liechtenstein and switzerland which not only holds your bike wheel but it also securely holds your pedal to stop the bike from falling over, and acts as a lock anchor point right between the frame and the front wheel. The genius part of the design is that the pedal holder seems to fit various crank lengths and types depending on how how far you roll the bike into the wheel rest.
I’ve never seen anything like this before in Melbourne and am just reluctantly happy when a silver hoop presents itself to me (with or without crocheted scratch guard attached)

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One Response to Bikes vs rubbish

  1. Russell & Jill says:

    Hi Ro & Andy, Following your travels eagerly, love the scenery. Good to hear from you & Bron on 24th. Hope rest of the trip goes smoothly. All is well at home and we are gearing up (with some trepidation) for the auction on the 8th Oct. There’s far too many houses on the market in the area for our liking, plus the market seems to have dropped considerably, but we live in hope of a good result. Happy pedalling,love from Mum and Dad.

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