Kitchen bench tops

Ever wondered where those fancy Italian marble bench tops and flooring comes from ?

From the side of this mountain apparently. Photos taken from Carrara station.

We couldn’t understand why there were so many stone yards and cranes along the side of the train tracks. Once we saw the name of the station and the thick slabs of cut and stored marble it all made sense.

In other news, we should be at the beach within the next couple of hours to start our oceanside adventures. We can see the sparkling ocean on the horizon from our train window.

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One Response to Kitchen bench tops

  1. Russell & Jill says:

    Following your travels eagerly. All those gorgeous rennaissance sculptures (“David” etc) are Carrara marble, so those stone yards all make sense. Michelangelo’s method was to watch the sun come up over a block of stone and then he said he could “see” the figure trapped inside the stone. If only it was that easy. Stay well and safe, and keep your fingers crossed for a good result at the auction next week. Love from Mum and Dad

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