That’s not a rail trail ………

This is a rail trail

5kms of tunnels, gallerias and hidden beaches between Levanto and the neighboring towns, ending at Framura. Just far enough away from the heavily touristed areas on the Cinque Terre.

If you’re ever in Levanto, hire a bike from the lovely little bike shop in town and make the return trip along this gorgeous trail. We loved it so much we rode it twice!

The second time was when we were leaving to catch a train early in the morning. Sadly the gates were locked at the other end and the bike lift was turned off (either broken, or it was too early in the morning) so the trail finished at Framura leaving us 4 flights of steep stairs above the sea level. We hauled our bags down the stairs, then our semi-loaded bikes down… then round the boat ramp and up another batch of stairs to get to the station… then down the stairs to go under the station… then up the stairs to get to the platform which was right next to where we arrived on the bike path originally. That was quite a start to the day!

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    if only I could get adobe flash to work…..


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