MAD ride

With Three Peaks  done and dusted (and mostly forgotten about apart from the video editing)on the spur of the moment we decided to join the Melbourne Bike Touring Club on their annual Melbourne Autumn Day (MAD) ride. Having gotten up far two early and rushing out the house we were in Woodend in under an hour. I was expecting a small turn out but after arriving at the Woodend sports ground I was surprised to see so many cars. After having completed most of the Cycling Victoria Challenge series where there is sometimes only a couple of hundred riders I thought this event would be far smaller. Offering a 40, a 65, a 120 road and a 60 MTB course there was probably about 500-600 riders in total. Given the length of the non pre-registered queue most people must have also seen the weather the and decided to have a go on the day also.

After considering the 120 or even the 60 MTB on our cyclocross bikes we sensibly took the safer 60klm road option instead.

I turned out to be a great ride through some very nice quiet back roads in an area which we hadn’t seen alot of before. It reminded us of Tasmania  with lots of greenery, rolling hills, cows, bush and small towns.

After three hours in the saddle Rowena was happy to be nearing the end with the last 30klms back to Woodend ridden into a headwind. I was just happy to be out on the bikes in the sun together before winter hits.
Approaching Woodend we could see mt macedon rising up in the background but I put aside all my schemingof a side trip to the top as the day was early, there was far too much  to do at home in the afternoon and Rowena hadn’t done much riding recently.

I had to have a chuckle at the below sign at the start of the only real hill of the day (300 meters or so over 5klm).

Clearly the Melbourne bike touring guys didn’t think that most of those riding the 60klm route fell into the Three Peaks 10hr finishers category.

(Maybe the 120klm next year)

In other news our house will soon be having a new bike member of the family with Rowena wiggling another town bike. More details on that to follow later.

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