Three Peaks 2012 – Falls Creek Descent Video

I have spent some time sifting through the footage from my helmet cam from Three Peaks and have started putting together a number of clips for the significant parts.

The first video is the early morning descent down the front side of Falls Creek from the village. Starting at the starting line (obviously) with around 1100 other riders we queued from 6:30am. They was some music playing in the background which was adding to  the nervous energy in the air.  We had managed to get into the start of the pack being only a couple hundred of riders away from the front. As we started to roll out the sun was beginning to light the night sky from behind us.
The road was rather damp at the top but after about half way down it started drying out.  It was still very dark amongst the tree’s making the camera struggle to get a decent picture.
As good as the GoPro HD is in full sun it really struggles in the dark. In saying that I think the grain and lighting added a certain something and let me play around with some video FX to cover the really crummy parts.

This was one of my fastest descents of Falls Creek howevermost people were being pretty careful and not rushing down.  I was initally waiting for Andy but after a few minutes i couldn’t find him so took off and left Marek behind also.  I figured since the roads were dry i might be able to make up a bit of time over the day by pushing harder down the hills

(video from the start line before the sun had even started rising. Check out the full moon)

Up next Towonga Gap.

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