Three Peaks 2012 – Tawonga Gap Descent Video

After regrouping with Marek and Andy we rolled through Mt Beauty to the start the Tawonga Gap climb. I stopped to remove the jacket and take some photos and Brian and Damien caught up and three of us started the climb together. After having a chat at the start we broke up to ride our own pace all the way to the top.




After my 2011 effort where i stupidly flogging myself up this climb i was going to take it easy. I sat pace with most of the other riders heading up this hill but got passed and had a chat with the official 10.5 hour pace setter. I was trying to get an idea of how much stopping time he planned on having throughout the day for a 10.5 hour time as this is the area we were trying to improve on this year.




As the photos show it was a nice pleasant climb with the air still cool with the sun out reminding us that this year was going to be very different from the last two. After a quick stop for fruitcake at the top and regrouping with Andy and Marek it was back on the bike for some fun.

The previous two years it had been raining heading down Tawonga but in this case the road was dry so we were going to make the most of it.

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