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The presence of Nonnas

One of the most enjoyable and amusing parts of our trip has been observing how different towns treat cycling. We quickly snapped this (dreadful) photo in Lille, of a guy on a folding bike with a tiny little girl perched … Continue reading

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Cycling Florence style

As we wandered through Florence in the morning peak, a family of 4 stepped out of their apartment and hopped onto 3 bikes; Dad led the way, followed by a young boy on his own bike – then Mum gracefully … Continue reading

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Farewell old friend

Gloria-the-golden-chariot is up for sale.  There are now too many bikes in the stable to hang onto her any longer. Perhaps some goodbye’s are in order. This was the first “real” bike I purchased (k-mart bikes don’t count). At the time I was … Continue reading

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How can we make Melbourne bike share succeed?

There’s been a regular trickle of bad press recently about the poor take up of the Melbourne bike share system – most recently this article and video in The Age.  As a cyclist I’m a bit sad to see our scheme floundering – and … Continue reading

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